The international leadership we have reached in the field of air-hydraulic jacks is the result of our tireless research for state-of-the-art technical solutions. These are always carried out with the traditional attention that characterises our company’s products, using the best materials and components. High-level design, advanced production methods, careful final inspections carried out by means of the most efficient technology and of the most modern equipment ensure the high operational levels of our jacks, that can be used even in the most difficult situations.
All our models are thus characterised by excellent performance levels, reliability, safety, functionality and durability.
They are extremely strong jacks, designed to withstand the hardest working conditions and to offer constant operational advantages to those who choose them and use them every day throughout the world.



Our air-hydraulic jacks are operated by a double-acting pump and are provided with safety devices in order to avoid overloads and to stop the lowering of the jack in case of accidental breakages of the pipes. The pistons are made of special high-resistance steel.
Their stability is ensured by the large base, while the considerable diameter of the wheels and the three-position handle ensure easy handling. The loadless down stroke of the pistons takes place by means of a vacuum-operated system.
All models are equipped with steel extensions. Starting with model P 152, they are all provided with an air-saving, single-acting pump: therefore, they can also work with the auxiliary compressor of the vehicle.

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